International Competition: Documentary films

8 full-length and 8 short documentaries from all over the world. They compete on equal terms with feature and animation short films in the International Competition of the 33rd Message to Man IFF...

Fran and Verka; or a Usual Day in an Abandoned Village


El Castillo / The Castle


Geographies of Solitude


Fragments from Heaven


Tous les jours de mai / All the Days of May

Planet D


Escasso / Scarce

Ara la llum cau vertical / Light Falls Vertical


Adieu Sauvage

Heiropalaistis / Arm Wrestler

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International Competition: Feature films

10 short feature films from different countries. They rival with documentary and animated movies in the International Competition of the 33rd Message to Man IFF...

Kids of July

Maison Blanche / Ivory Tower


The Tree Without Leaves

A Bright Sunny Day

Natureza Humana / Human Nature

Will My Parents Come to See Me

Ilios Enechiro / Pledging the Sun

Oil Oil Oil

Las Criaturas que se Derriten Bajo el Sol / The Melting Creatures

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International Competition: Animation

7 short animated films. Together with documentary and feature films, they are participating in the International Competition of the 33rd Message to Man IFF...

Ice Merchants

La Perra / The Bitch

O Homem do Lixo / The Garbage Man

Un Genre de Testament / A Kind of Testament

Sleep, My Honey

Gakjil / Persona

The Smile

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National Competition

The National Competition continues to introduce the sophisticated audience to the most striking works of Russian documentary directors. 14 movies participate in the programme: 6 full-length and 8 short films, including one animated film...

Polar Tour

Artem & Eva

Death of Cinema

Mama America


Loop Route Bus No. 26


Here’s to the Absent Ladies!

The Elk Calf

The Pit

Mitrofan Aksenov’s Sausage

Strawberry Fields Forever



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In Silico Experimental Short Film Competition

In Silico Experimental Short Film Competition of the 33rd Message to Man IFF presents 16 films. This is the 13th edition of the competition, collected a vibrant selection of auteur out-of-genre works from 11 countries...

Ode to Loneliness

Desert Dreaming

Manuale di cinematografia per dilettanti – Vol. I / A Companion for Amateur Cinematographers: Vol. I


The Film You Are about to See


Hold on for Dear Life

Divlje Cvijeće / Wild Flowers

Shanghai Zhi Chun / Shanghai in the Spring

Super Dorothy: A Bengal Rose Variety

Sliver Cave

Esterno giorno / Exterior Day

Empty Rooms


Dear Viewer

How to Express It

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