International competition

Grand Prix "Golden Centaur" and 3 000 US dollars for the best film*

Prize "Centaur" and $ 1,000 for the best full-length documentary
Prize "Centaur" and $ 1,000 for the best short documentary
Prize "Centaur" and $ 1,000 for the best short
a feature film
Prize "Centaur" and $ 1,000 for the best animated film
Prize "Centaur" and $ 1,000 for the best debut

* If a film receives the Golden Centaur Grand Prix, the best film nomination in respected category is not awarded (for instance, if an animation receives the Grand Prix, the prize for best animated short film is canceled).

National Competition

Centaur Prize and 50 000 Rubles for best film of National Competition Jury Prize – Centaur Prize and 30 000 Rubles (with motivation)

In Silico International Competition of Experimental Films

Centaur Prize and USD 1,000 for best experimental film

International Federation of Film Societies Prize

In 2018, the Message to Man International Film Festival is awarding the Don Quixote International Film Society Prize for the first time. The winner can be any participating picture in the international competition. The specifics of the prize are determined by the artistic merits of the work in question. The International Federation of Film Societies was created in 1947 with the goal of aiding cooperation between film societies of different countries in the field of promoting cinematic art and the aesthetic education of viewers.

Pavel Kogan Prize

The award for the best short documentary film that preserves the traditions of the Leningrad Documentary Film Studio (LDFS).
The prize of the Pavel and Lyalya Foundation, introduced in 2001 by the director of the LDFS, Lyudmila Stanukinas (Kogan), commemorates a classic practitioner of Russian documentary film, founder of the Leningrad school of documentary film Pavel Kogan (1931–1998).

Danya Gurevich Prize / Dan Revival Projеcts

Award for the best cinematography. The winner is awarded with a bronze bás‐relief, the Association diploma and a trip to France for professional purposes.
The Dan Revival Projects Association was instituted in 2003 on the initiative of parents and friends of Danya Gurevich. The cameraman, known for his work in the film Boomer, died tragically in the Karmadon gorge in 2002, while shooting Messenger, a film by Sergei Bodrov.

ERC Bellona Special Prize

Bellona is an ecological organization whose fundamental goals are defending people’s rights to a healthy environment and promoting ecological ideas among Russia. The lawyers who work for the organization are always happy to provide free legal assistance on ecological questions. With the help of the national journal Ecology and Rights and the site, Bellona spreads information about ecological problems in Russians and ways of solving them and about social initiatives and innovative technologies that protect the environment and humans rights. An important part of Bellona’s work is youth ecological education. The organization’s specialists and volunteers lead eco‐ meetings, master classes, and discussions about caring for nature.

At the 2018 Message to Man Festival Bellona will be awarding a prize to the best film that reflects the issues in the relationship between man and the surrounding environment. The winner will receive an Ecoprize, as well as a real true that will be planted in their honor at the award ceremony.