International competition

Golden Centaur Grand Prix and 240 000 Rubles for the best film

Centaur Prize and 80 000 Rubles for the best full-length documentary
Centaur Prize and 80 000 Rubles for the best short documentary
Centaur Prize and 80 000 Rubles for the best short feature/animated film

* If a film receives the Golden Centaur Grand Prix, the best film nomination in the respected category is not awarded (for instance, if an animation receives the Grand Prix, the prize for the best animated short film is canceled).

National Competition

Centaur Prize and 50 000 Rubles for best film of National Competition

Jury Centaur Prize and 30 000 Rubles (with motivation)

In Silico International Competition of Experimental Films

Centaur Prize and 80 000 Rubles for best experimental film

Award of the Honorary President of the Message to Man International Film Festival, Director Mikhail Litvyakov

In 2013, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the festival’s founder and Honorary President, the directorate introduced a special award.

The Award of the Honorary President for Justice and Artistic Merit is awarded every year to a film chosen personally by Mikhail Litvyakov from any of the festival’s programmes.

Prize of the Festival’s General Sponsor Ilim Group

Ilim Group is a leader in the Russian pulp and paper industry and a prominent player on the global stage. With 17,000 employees across seven regions, it ranks among the world’s top 7 producers of bleached softwood pulp and stands as the No. 1 producer of pure-cellulose corrugated materials in the PRC. In 2022, its annual finished product output reached 3.63 million tons, with plans to increase to 4.2-4.3 million tons by 2024. In Russia, the company holds a 77% market share in market pulp, 16% in packaging materials, and 25% in white papers.

Ilim Group’s strategic focus extends beyond the key markets of Russia and China to the Middle East, India, Africa, and Latin America. In 2022, the company dedicated RUB 9.86 billion to environmental initiatives and allocated RUB 674 million to charitable and social projects.

The Leningrad Labour Union Federation Special Prize for Best Documentary Film About the Working Man

Established by the Leningrad Labour Union Federation (LUF) the Interregional Association of Labour Union Federation of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

The LUF Special Prize is awarded for the most vivid and convincing representation of the industry of workers, their inner world, ethical and spiritual values, philosophies and characters. It is awarded for the establishment in the minds of the public of respect for labour and those who work hard and honestly.

Special Prize From the Russian Society "Knowledge"

A special prize to the participant of the 33rd  Message to Man International Film Festival from the Russian Society “Knowledge” within the framework of the All-Russian educational project about documentary cinematography “Knowledge.Cinema”.

The special prize includes: a certificate for the premiere screening of the film, including a lecture on the topic of the film and a discussion of the film with the audience as part of a film lecture at the Museum of Cinema during the international exhibition and forum “Russia” at VDNKh; statuette from the Russian Society "Knowledge".

Prize in the Nomination “Best Work About Human Relationship to Animals”

Prize from the public organization in the field of animal protection “Voices for Animals”.

"Voices for Animals" is a public organization that advocates for an end to animal cruelty in agriculture and the creation of a food system based on the principles of ethics, resource conservation, care for the environment and the health of citizens. We strive to live in a world without cruelty, where the principles of compassion and justice apply to all its inhabitants, including our neighbors on the planet - animals. They, just like us, experience physical and psychological suffering, feel pain and fear, pleasure and joy. They also strive for freedom and life, they have the same basic life needs.