As part of the Industry Day, Dom Radio will host a series of screenings of films in the out-of-competition programme Russian Youth. Present Continuous and a roundtable discussion.

Presented here is a concise programme featuring 11 new short live-action films made by Russia’s young talent. Most of these emerging filmmakers are recent graduates from prominent Russian cinema schools, ranging from VGIK to Moscow School of New Cinema, and Alexander Sokurov’s workshop at the St. Petersburg State University of Film and Television.

On October 24 at Dom Radio, we will delve into the world of this burgeoning cinema and engage in discussions about its aspirations and the challenges it faces with directors, audiences, and people in the film industry. Leading these conversations will be film critic Larisa Malyukova. 

The program focuses on inner freedom, which proves to be more potent than external obstacles.

Programme of the 17:00 session:

Wanna Hug?, directed by Anastasia Kuzina. Russia, 2022, 25 min.

Twisting in the Wind, directed by Anton Ermolin. Russia, 2021, 27 min.

Ambulance, directed by Mikhail Nilov. Russia, 2023, 16 min.

Tin47, directed by Egor Lebedev. Russia, 2023, 23 min.

When the Starlight Passes By, directed by Denis Bazovoy. Russia, 2023, 30 min. 

Programme of the 19:30 session:

Outstanding Days, directed by Artur Grigoriev. Russia, 2023, 18 min.

Aykuo, directed by Ayaal Adamov. Russia, 2023, 22 min.

Fur Coat, directed by Evgeny Vedrov. Russia, 2022, 23 min.

Winter in Summer, directed by Sofia Kotova. Russia, 2023, 26 min.

Nothing Has Disturbed My Sleep, directed by Gennady Lebedev. Russia, 2023, 15 min.

The Caucasus, directed by Lika Yatkovskaya, Elina Belikova. Russia, 2023, 21 min.

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Programme curators: Katerina Beloglazova, Evgeniya Marchenko, Mikhail Ratgauz, Sergey Sychev.


with directors, audiences, people in the film industry. Leading the conversations will be film critic Larisa Malyukova.

22:00 – 23:30

Entrance is free. Registration is required: