5 Films of the Day: October 27

Here is the next day of the XXXII Message to Man Film Festival in St. Petersburg. Every day our website will recommend five films from its competition and out-of-competition programmes.

Spleen and Ideal. Three Short Films

The programme consisting of three experimental films: Mourning, Homage to the Work of Philip Henry Gosse and Past Perfect.

Homage to the Work of Philip Henry Gosse. Behind every image on your laptop might be the dead of night that Philip Henry Gosse, an extravagant naturalist of the Darwin era, a Christian, the author of his own theory of the origin of the world, once saw in fossils and corals.

Past Perfect. “Things used to be better before” — “And when was this ‘before’?”

Mourning. The dead enter the earth. Somewhere in its depths, under many layers of once living matter, quietly pulsates the core of the Earth…


Talking about Trees

Four Sudanese filmmakers attempt to bring back the culture of cinema in a country where politics and fundamentalism have destroyed its film industry.


Moskvich My Love

Hamo, an old farmer, lives with his wife in a remote village in the mountains of Armenia. The money their son sends them from Russia barely allows them to survive. But Hamo nourishes a dream of acquiring a Moskvitch, the most beautiful car in the world, the one that had been promised by the Soviet authorities and that he never received. The Soviet Union is gone, but the dream of Hamo remains.


Top Nine

The Russian Top 9 team is one of the most famous breakdancing teams in the world.

Over the 20 years of its existence, Top 9 have won many international competitions, including the largest Battle of the Year championship, created several theatrical productions, brought up several generations of students, became a style icon and an example of what a team should be.


The Good Woman of Sichuan

A young woman goes on a journey to a small city in Sichuan province. There, she meets an old friend, a local theatre actress preparing for an adaptation of Bertolt Brecht’s piece. But she doesn’t know how to play it.


October 27, Thursday Schedule:

Dom Kino, Big Hall, 12, Karavannaya street

International Competition 8

15:45 – The Eagle’s Nest, dir. MIlija Šćepanović, Montenegro, 2022, 18 min.

Oneluv, dir. Varya Yakovleva, Russia, 2022, 11 min.

Miracasas, dir. Raphaëlle Stolz, Switzerland, 2022, 14 min.

Tiger Stabs Tiger, dir. Jie Shen, China, 2022, 22 min.

No Name Cat, dir. Ghenadie Popescu, Moldova, 2022, 16 min.

Night Train, dir. Sofia Gutman, France, 2021, 3 min.

One Last Wish, dir. Galia Osmo, Israel, 2021, 10 min.

New Voices 9

20:30 – Spleen and Ideal. Three Short Films

Homage to the Work of Philip Henry Gosse, dir. Pablo Martín Weber, Argentina, 2020, 22 min.

Mourning, dir. Pablo Martín Weber, Argentina, 2021, 27 min.

Past Perfect, dir. Jorge Jácome, Portugal, 2019, 23 min.


Dom Kino, Blue Hall, 12, Karavannaya street

International Competition 6 

16:45 – Chicken dir. Mikael Gaudin, France, 2021, 13 min.

Visiting Time, dir. Vahid Sedaghat, Iran, 2022, 22 min.

Affect, dir. Timofey Anisimov, Russia, 2022, 28 min.

«Manta Ray, dir. Anton Bialas, France, 2022, 30 min.

International Competition 7 

18:20 – Holidays, dir. Antoine Cattin, Switzerland, 2022, 86 min.

Flexible Past

20:10 – The Year of Discovery, dir. Luis López Carrasco, Spain, Switzerland, 2019, 200 min.


Lendoc, Big Hall, 12, naberezhnaya Kryukova kanala

National Competition 9

14:00 – Tip-Off, dir. Slava Fedorov, Russia, 2021, 76 min.

National Competition 10

16:40 – Subtle Fields, dir. Dmitry Lookianov, Russia, 2022, 118 min.


Avrora, Small Hall, 60, Nevsky pr.

Red Africa 7

19:00 – Talking about Trees, dir. Suhaib Gasmelbari, France, Sudan, 2019, 97 min.


Velikan Park, Small Hall 3, 4, Alexandrovsky park BUILDING 3

National Competition 7

18:15 – Orphans, dir. Alexey Sukhovey, Russia, 2022, 5 episodes, 185 min.

National Competition 8

21:30 – Some of the Things that Remind Me of Him, dir. Sabrina Karabaeva, 2021, 4 min.

Carmen, or an Unfortunate Love Story of Hanspeter from Oberkassel, that Made my Children Happy in a Foreign Country, dir. Yulia Vishnevets, Germany, Georgia, 2022, 79 min.


Velikan Park, Small Hall 4, 4, Alexandrovsky park BUILDING 3

New Voices 8 

19:00 – The Good Woman of Sichuan, dir. Sabrina Zhao, Canada, 2021, 87 min.

Superreal Cinema 5

20:50 – Don Juan, dir. Serge Bozon, France, 2022, 100 min.


Poryadok Slov, 15, naberezhnaya reki Fontanki

Special Screening

19:30 – Moskvich My Love, dir. Aram Shahbazyan, Armenia, France, Russia, 2014, 86 min.

21:00 – Meeting with director Aram Shahbazyan


Angleterre Cinema Lounge, 24, Malaya Morskaya street

19:00 – Top Nine, dir. Manas Sirakanyan, Russia, 2022, 89 min.