September 22: Day Eight of the Festival

Briefly about the selected screenings of the 8th and final day of Message to Man 2018.

September 22 is the day after the announcements of the results of Message to Man Festival. During the day, the Festival will show films that won the competitive programs.


Resistance: 1968-2018 special program is coming to an end with a scientific conference at the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences of St. Petersburg State University on the contemporary relevance of 1968 experience. Reports will be made by historians, philosophers, theorists and practitioners of art and cinema. As an epilogue to the program on 23 September, Poryadok Slov will offer a show and discussion of Christ Marker’s film Grin Without a Cat.

September 22 Poryadok Slov will host a meeting with Jem Cohen. He will present his film The Gravity Hill Newsreels.

“I do not understand why many people take pictures of their food — I find this activity extremely strange. But if someone needs to do it, then I do not want to be snobbish. You know, over the thirty years it has happened so many times that I stood in the street with a camera, aiming it on the ground — taking a picture of some ant, cat or street trash; and passers-by probably thought the same thing: why does he do it, what does he see in it?” Jem Cohen.

Open Lectures of the School of New Cinema will be brought to a conclusion by Dmitry Mamuliya, director, screenwriter, artistic director of the Moscow School of New Cinema and the St. Petersburg School of New Cinema. He will talk about the search for a new language in modern Russian cinema.

You can find the complete schedule on our website.


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