September 21: Day Seven of the Festival

Briefly about the selected screenings of the 7th day of Message to Man festival.

The closing ceremony of the Message to Man Festival will be held 21 September. The Closing Film is Aquarela by Viktor Kossakovsky. It will run simultaneously on 2 screens in Velikan Park.

The winners of the Competitive Programs will be announced at the closing ceremony, which will begin at 20:00. Watch for the updates!


Meanwhile you can catch up on reruns of some films from the international competition (animation, shorts and White Mama by ​​Zosya Rodkevich). The reruns take place in other programs as well —  Panorama.doc and Superreality Cinema.


Resistance: 1968-2018 special program features Paris is a Moveable Feast, which will be presented by Sylvain George himself.

«Paris is a Moveable Feast by Sylvain George is not directly related to 1968, but is related to modern practices of political cinema, the representation of the oppressed. George works with the theme of immigrants, that is, reflects on the problem that is still present in Paris and Europe fifty years later» Aleksei Artamonov, Co-curator of the Program.


A meet-and-greet session with Mike Hoolbloom will take place at Poryadok Slov bookstore. Hoolbloom will show a selection of his works.
From his essay Nine Thoughts on Short Films: «All of my dreams are short films. Feature filmmakers, novelists, the heads of multi-national corporations are different. When they lie asleep they have a single dream lasting the whole night. There is continuity and order, a sense that the house they build asleep is large enough to hold all of their experience, grant each moment of their desire a setting joined somehow to everything else. Their dream is what we learned to call, as schoolchildren, the big picture. The world we live in.»


September 21 Mikhail Basov, media artist, will do a workshop at the St. Petersburg State Institute of Film and Television, while Galina Rymbu, poet, will give an Open Lecture at the St. Petersburg School of New Cinema. The topic of her lecture is ‘Navigation in the Space of the Disaster: on the Material of the “Dark Worlds” of Alexei German And Alexei Balabanov’. Sergei Lando will do a Q&A session at Lendoc Film Studio for his film Heavenly Jester about Oleg Karavaichuk.

You can find the complete schedule on our website.

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