5 Films of the Day: October 25

Here is the next day of the XXXII Message to Man Film Festival in St. Petersburg. Every day our website will recommend five films from its competition and out-of-competition programmes.

Turn Your Body to the Sun

The incredible life story of a Soviet soldier who was captured by the Nazis during WWII. His daughter Sana searches the past to understand her father. As she accompanies Sana in her journey, the filmmaker excavates film archives, to find traces of those millions of Soviet soldiers who fell victim of war. Through the technique of ‘re-appropriating the archive’, the filmmaker searches for the soul of the image, for those subtle remnants of those millions who were omitted from the narrative of the war.



The first series on the Festival programme. Sasha says that he needs a more masculine nature. Nina needs Sasha, who wants to become more human. Lyosha has plenty of money, but no sex. And Ira is afraid of sex and might even freak out. Artyom just wants to booze and knows when Sasha is lying. And Olya has Artyom’s child. Lena won’t save anybody anymore because nobody has saved her. They have served out their terms, although they committed no crime. Now they are trying to find out: how did this happen? Graduates of a correctional boarding school go in search of their relatives, whom they have never seen, because they need money and love.


Forever Young

It’s the end of the 80s in Paris, a young troupe of comedians have just been admitted to Les Amandiers, the prestigious theater school headed by Patrice Chéreau. They set out in life and in their early career. Along the way, they will learn, act, love, fear, live to the fullest and also experience their first tragedies.


Subtle World

Masha leads a double life: in one she is a photographer, mother and unloved wife, in the other she is a medium who maintains a connection with the subtle world of spirits every day, using the “phenomena of electronic voice”. One day Masha realises that the spirit she has been communicating with for a year is actually a real person, and falls deeply in love.


Window Boy Would Also Like to Have a Submarine

Aboard a cruiser that coasts through Southern Latin America, a sailor discovers a hallway mysteriously leading to an apartment in Montevideo. Thousands kilometres away, a group of Filipino peasants find an abandoned shed on a hill, assigning it supernatural powers.

Jury Tagesspiegel Award, Berlinale Forum; Best Film, New Horizon, Krakow FF; Prix du Syndicat Français de la Critique de Cinéma, Biarritz IFF; Special Jury Prize, Istanbul IFF and others.


October 25, Tuesday Schedule:

Dom Kino, Big Hall, 12, Karavannaya street

International Competition 4

16:00 – The inspection, dir. Caroline Brami, Frédéric Bas, France, 2021, 16 min.

Things I Could Never Tell My Mother, dir. Humaira Bilkis, Bangladesh, 2022, 80 min.

International Competition 5

18:50 Turn your body to the sun, dir. Aliona van der Horst, Netherlands, 2022, 93 min.

Panorama.doc 5

21:20 – Skin, dir. Marcos Pimentel, Brazil, 2021, 75 min.


Dom Kino, Blue Hall, 12, Karavannaya street

International Competition 3 

16:20 – Vertical Shadow, dir. Felipe Elgueta, Ananke Pereira, Chile, 2022, 14 min.

What do I look like, dir. Adèle Shaykhulova, France, 2022, 27 min.

Jaime, dir. Francisco Javier Rodriguez, Belgium, 2022, 37 min.

Love in Galilee, dir. Nader Chalhoub, Layla Menhem, France, 2021, 20 min.

Flexible Past 3

20:00 – What about China?, dir. Trinh Minh-ha, USA, China, 2022 min., 135 min.


Dom Kino, White Hall, 12, Karavannaya street

Student films: VGIK

20:00 – Maybe It’s Scary, dir. Ilya Voroshilov, Russia, 2022, 13 min.

Restless Nastya, dir. Sofya Meledina, VGIK, Russia, 2019, 21 min.

Paradigma, dir. Adelina Bozhevski, VGIK, Russia, 2022, 15 min. 

Boys My Boys, dir. Margarita Chachkhaliya, VGIK, Russia, 2022, 14 min. 


Lendoc, Big Hall, 12, naberezhnaya Kryukova kanala

Red Africa 5

16:30 – Black Sun, dir. Alexey Speshnev, USSR, 1970, 100 min. The film was shot on 35 mm film, shown from the original copy.

National Competition 7

19:00 – Orphans, dir. Alexey Sukhovey, Russia, 2022, 5 episodes, 185 min.


Rodina, Big Hall, 12, Karavannaya street

New Voices 7

18:40 – Window Boy Would Also Like to Have a Submarine, dir. Alex Piperno, Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Netherlands, Philippines, 2020, 85 min.

In Silico Experimental Competition Programme

21:00 – Why the F…?, dir. Vera Pirogova, Russia, 2022, 3 min.

My Kolyma Vegetable Garden, dir. Evgenia Korchagina, Russia, 2021, 3 min.

Post-Soviet Symphony, dir. Аlexey Yevstigneyev, Russia, 2022, 11 min.

Tears will remain, dir. Leri Matehha, Germany, 2021, 13 min.

In Ictu Oculi, dir. Jorge Moneo Quintana, Spain, 2020, 15 min.

The Song of Bosphorus, dir. Fedor Maximshin, Russia, 2022, 10 min.

Substance, dir. Pablo-Martín Córdoba, France, 2021, 8 min.

Stock, dir. Alexey Dmitriev, Germany, Russia, 2022, 5 min.

Dots, Lines and Zigzags, dir. Nikita Spiridonov, Russia, 2021, 9 min.

16 years, dir. Patrick Buhr, Germany, 2020, 4 min.

La Bagatelle, dir. Mikhail Basov, Russia, 2021, 8 min.


Rodina, Small Hall, 12, Karavannaya street

Films of the School of Documentary Animation

18:00 – Save as…, dir. Masha Semina, 2022, 2 min.

Bless you!, dir. Evgenia Zhirkova, 2018, 3 min. 

Grandpa’s Dictionary, dir. Ashot Mefodin, 2021, 3 min. 

I Have Nothing to Add, dir. Tatiana Stefanenko, 2020, 11 min. 

The Fence, dir. Maria Kogan-Lerner, 2021, 8 min. 

When You Doubt, dir. Elena Murganova, 2019, 3 min. 

Mama, Give Me a Hug, dir. Masha Rumyantseva, 2022, 4 min. 

Mashenka, Jellyfish, dir. Konstantin Shavlovsky, 2022, 8 min. 

My Kolyma Vegetable Garden, dir. Evgenia Korchagina, Russia, 2021, 3 min. 

We’ll Be Together, dir. Serafima Truevtseva, 2021, 4 min. 

In a Small House, dir. Anna-Maria Chernigovskaya, 2021, 4 min. 

One Pasha Boguslavsky, dir. Yura Boguslavsky, 2019, 5 min. 

Some of the Things That Remind Me of Him, dir. Sabrina Karabaeva, 2021, 5 min. 

Ghosts in Altufyevo, dir. Yana Isaenko, 2019, 4 min.

The Noodle Soup, dir. Guzel Garipova, 2018, 3 min. 

Difficult to Pronounce, dir. Nadezhda Shcherbakova, 2022, 8 min.

You Are Girl, dir. Evgenia Zhirkova, 2019, 4 min. 

Good, Bad, Bipolar, dir. Sonya Gorya, 2018, 4 min.

I Rented an Apartment, dir. Polina Kampioni, 2019, 2 min.


Avrora, Big Hall, 60, Nevsky pr.

Superreal Cinema 4

19:00 – Forever Young, dir. Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, France, 2022, 125 min.


Velikan Park, Small Hall 3, 4, Alexandrovsky park BUILDING 3

National Competition 3 

19:25 – Your Room, Volchok, dir. Dasha Likhaya, Russia, 2022, 41 min.

Subtle World, dir. Alexandra Pustynnova, Russia, 2022, 65 min.

National Competition 4 

21:15 – Haulout, dir. Maxim Arbugaev, Evgenia Arbugaeva, UK, Russia, 2022, 25 min.

No Man is an Island, dir. Lena Ritter, Russia, 2022, 78 min.


Velikan Park, Small Hall 5, 4, Alexandrovsky park BUILDING 3

New Voices 6 

19:00 – All Eyes Off Me, dir. Hadas ben Aroya, Israel, 2020, 90 min.

Superreal Cinema 3

20:50 – Please, baby, please, dir. Amanda Kramer, USA, 2022, 95 min.