Festival's History from 1989 to nowadays 



For the first time the festival is held on January 25–31, 1989. More than 1000 participants and 273 accredited journalists take part in the event; the international film market is organized on these days.

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For the first time short and animation films are included to the Festival program. It was the reaction to the crisis in the Russian documentary industry and in the Russian cinematography in general. This step led to a sharp increase in the amount of spectators.

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Russian Cinema

The Russian documentary cinema competition joined the program. The special Jury comprises notable Russian filmmakers. The contest is open and has no selection. Every film sent to the festival is screened during the festival days.

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New Record

“Message to man” sets a new record. 170 films in the International and Debut competitions, 50 Russian documentary films in the National competition and 88 films are shown in the Special program. In total, the festival program comprises 308 films from 50 different countries.

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Riefenstahl and Vertov

The arrival of 98-year-old Leni Riefenstahl became the sensation of the XI Festival. The films of Leni Riefenstahl and Dziga Vertov were shown during the Special program “Documentary Film in Totalitarian Countries”. Her visit raised vivid debates in the society.




Films on video are admitted to the National competition for the first time.

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Message to Man. Reload

Alexey Uchitel is officially nominated the President of the Festival, Mikhail Litvyakov becomes the Honorary President. Channel One becomes general information sponsor of “Message to Man”. The Non-Commercial Partnership of Promotion Cinema and Theatre “Message to Man” has been instituted which from now on conducts the Festival. A new team stands at the helm of the festival. They are eager to revive the former glory of “Message to Man” Festival.

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