Shahram Ebrahimi

Producer, director, actor

He was born in in 1983 in Shahrekord, Iran. Since 1996, he has been seriously pursuing theatre and completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the fields of acting and directing for theater. Since 2000, he has entered the field of cinema. He began their filmmaking career through the Iranian Youth Cinema Society (the most important venue for making short films) and continued by making more than thirty award-winning short films. The full-length feature film “Wolf Cubs of Apple Valley” in which he participated as a producer, has been screened in Germany, Sweden, the United States, India, Uzbekistan, the United Arab Emirates, and Russia (Moscow Film Festival). Shahram Ebrahimi’s full-length directorial debut “Parallax” (2023) won the Golden Taiga Award at the Spirit of Fire Film Festival in Russia.