Nadya Pantyulina

Museum designer and expert

Currently working at the Shaninka School, the Timiryazev State Biological Museum, the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute. Her renowned traveling exhibition, “Herbatim”, explores the journey of migrant plants who witnessed the Gulag, providing a unique perspective on addressing challenging subjects with dried plants and speaking about our present-day selves. The exhibition features voice-over labels and evocative works by contemporary artists Andrey Kuzkin and Ivan Shchukin, while the scenography by Pyotr Pasternak creates an immersive experience that invites visitors into a multi-layered narrative of objects and words. Another traveling exhibition titled “Why I Am Human” serves as an autoethnography — a reflection with the search and analysis of the inherited patterns of relationships and language. The exhibition was designed in collaboration with architects Nadya Korbut and Kiril Ass.