Mark Cousins

Filmmaker, writer, curator

Mark Cousins is a Northern Irish filmmaker, writer and curator living and working in Scotland. In the mid-90s, he became director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Cousins is Honorary Professor of Film at the University of Glasgow and has honorary doctorates from the Universities of Edinburgh and Stirling.
In 2009 Cousins wrote, directed and filmed his first feature documentary, The First Movie, about kids in Kurdish Iraq. It won several international prizes. His next feature film, What is this Film called Love? played in 20 countries and was nominated for Best Director by BAFTA Scotland.
In 2013 he completed Here be Dragons, a film essay about Albania which won the main prize in the Romania Film Festival, and A Story of Children and Film, which was in the Official Selection in Cannes. He has twice been nominated for the Spirit of Scotland award and received the Visionary Award in Traverse City and the Saltzgeber Prize for outstanding contribution to film at the Berlin Film Festival.
His more recent films include Life May Be, I am Belfast, Stockholm my Love, The Eyes of Orson Welles.