Maria Shutko


Maria Shutko is a student at the St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture, where she attends Lyudmila Poznyakova and Igor Feoktistov’s workshop (in the arts faculty’s department of cinematographic art. Maria was born and went to school in Vladikavkaz, in the North Caucasus. In 2014 she took up journalism. In 2016 she began studying for a degreein non-fiction film and television directing at the St. Petersburg State University of Culture. She won an award at the 2017 Kult Kinostudent film festival in the “Test of the Pen” category with the short documentary film Lyova, and her short fiction film That’s the Way We Live was awarded a prize at the Kino Les festival in 2018 in the “Kinokampus” category. Besides film, Shutko studies the history of art, and paints. She also writes poems and performs at poetry evenings.