Inga Tropa

Actress, Theatre Director

Inga Tropa is a Latvian actress and theatre director, born in 1985 into a Latvian family during her father’s service in Murmansk. After a short time, the family returned to Latvia. In 2008, Inga graduated from the Latvian Academy of Culture with a bachelor’s degree in dramatic theatre direction. In 2013, she received a master’s degree in theatre direction from the same institution.

Works by Inga Tropa at the New Riga Theatre include Irina – “Three Sisters” by A. Chekhov, Heidi – J. Jokela’s “Fundamentalist”, Lorena – “Circle Mirror Transformation” by A. Baker, Akulina – “Dark Power” by L. Tolstoy, Olga Kliyere – “Aspazija. Personally” by I. Ebele, Eva – “Autumn Sonata” by I. Bergman, Maria Ilyinichna Ulyanova – “Lenin’s Last Christmas Tree”, and finally Aspazia’s “Bride of Zalksa”. She has also worked at Dirty Deal Teatro and Gertrudes Street Theatre and collaborated with other theatres, including “Nine. The Myth of Creation” (Theatre on Gertrudes Street), “How did the sun happen?” (Dirty Deal Teatro), “White Book” by J. Jaunsudrabins (Dirty Deal Teatro), “Flea Market of Souls” by J. Klyava (Dirty Deal Teatro), “Ladies” by J. Klyava (TT Theatre). The play “White Book” won the main prize of the children’s jury at the Baltic Theatre Festival in 2014, and was also nominated for the “Game Night” award in the category “Annual performance for children and adolescents”. In the Latvian National Theatre, she played in the production of “Alice in Wonderland”. She also staged the metal opera “Kurbads” by “Skyforger” in Limbaži, in the open air.