Boris Kazakov

Artist, director and animator

An artist, director and animator, he trained as an engineer at a technical college after leaving school, and it was at this time that he became seriously involved in the visual arts. From 1990 to 1995 he was part of the Inzhenery Iskusstv (“Engineers of the Arts”) School, and since 1995 he has been running independent artistic practices, particularly in the study and combination of various techniques for creating animations. He has twice participated in the short competition programme at the Berlinale, and has also won two prizes at Oberhausen and the grand prix at Kinoshock. Copies of his works Sea Chicks and Die Pflöcke have been obtained by the EYE Film Museum in Amsterdam. He has also collaborated with Andrey Moguchy (on the plays Happiness and The Governor) and Anton Adasinsky (on his directorial debut Süd. Grenze).