In Silico Experimental Short Film Competition: XXXI Message to Man International Film Festival

In Silico Experimental Short Film Competition is made up of 17 films representing 10 countries.

“The eleventh edition of the In Silico Experimental Programme can be called nostalgic: 10 out of 17 films were made by the authors we are already familiar with. John Smith, as usual, playfully shoots a tragicomedy about quarantine (Citadel) from his own window; Hiroya Sakurai returns to the river for the eleventh time (The Stream XI); Bill Morrison digs a 100-year-old news film from the ground (Buried News), and the Neozoon team invites us to a pet paradise (Biting the Dust). Among the new names in our competition are Geoffroy de Crécy, Anya Tsyrlina, Maryam Tafakory. The topics vary from observing the glamorous life of the protozoa to semiotic animation of hard currency and exploring the world through a hole in one’s own head. The programme, as in previous years, leaves an impression of an improvised magical ritual designed to overcome the boundaries of human imagination – the only limitations of experimental filmmaking,” says Competition’s curator Mikhail Zheleznikov.

The films on the In Silico Experimental Competition Programme:

  • And Then They Burn the Sea, dir. Majid Al-Remaihi, 12 min., Qatar, 2021
  • Inside, dir. Yann Chapotel, 6 min., France, 2020
  • Tender, dir. Christine Lucy Latimer, 3 min., Canada, 2021
  • Irani Bag, dir. Maryam Tafakory, 8 min., UK, 2020
  • Meteor, dir. Anya Tsyrlina, 12 min., Russia, 2020
  • Push This Button If You Begin to Panic, dir. Gabriel Böhmer, 13 min., UK, 2020
  • Failed Emptiness. Time, dir. Mika Taanila, 14 min., Finland, 2021
  • Please Leave a Message After the Tone, dir. Risto-Pekka Blom, 11 min., Finland, 2021
  • Planktonium, dir. Jan van Ijken, 15 min., Netherlands, 2021
  • The Stream XI, dir. Hiroya Sakurai, 8 min., Japan, 2021
  • Buried News, dir. Bill Morrison, 12 min., USA, 2021
  • Biting the Dust, dir. Neozoon, 13 min., Germany, 2021
  • Empty Places, dir. Geoffroy de Crécy, 9 min., France, 2020
  • Ostrich Theory, dir. Simon Ellis, 8 min., UK, 2021
  • Third Nature, dir. Daria Kiseleva, 15 min., Netherlands, 2021
  • Citadel, dir. John Smith, 16 min., UK, 2021
  • Laila’s Apple, dir. Azar Saiyar. 8 min., Finland, 2021