Dear participants, journalists and guests of Message to Man film festival!
By popular demand, we extend the period of time for submitting applications for accreditation
until 11 September, 9 pm.
Accreditation is required for visiting and working at all events of the IFF Message to Man.
We would also like to remind you about our festival’s rules for visiting the events for quests with accreditation on the main location of the festival – Velikan Park:
  • You will need a coupon to enter the screening room.
  • You can get the coupons at special desks located in Velikan Park cinema theatre by presenting your accreditation badge.
  • The coupons are issued 1 HOUR BEFORE the screening.
  • The amount of coupons is limited. You can get 1 coupon for each accreditation, no more than 3 screening per day.
  • In case if you did not manage to get a coupon, you can buy a ticket at a reduced price.

Please contact your coordinator if you have any questions about the coupons.

We strive to make your stay at the Message to Man festival comfortable and easy.

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