September 17: Third Day of the Festival

Briefly about the selected screenings of the 3rd day of Message to Man festival.

International Competition program of September 17 has 3 screenings and 6 films: Victory Day, Mrs. Fang, La Flaca (The Bony Lady), Skip Day, A God’s Shadow, Behind Our Eyes.

“This film is about ultimate solitude when a person is already halfway gone and there’s nothing holding them in this world, but physically they are still present here. There’s nothing to say. You just watch and imagine being Mrs. Fang. The idea is not new, but if the execution is strong, the audience empathizes with the character and this experience does not get old,” Mikhail Zheleznikov, Chairman of the Selection Committee.

“This is an observational film without offscreen text about the Victory Day celebrations by our former compatriots living in Germany. The interesting point is that their celebrations have acquired new strange flavor. Discussions are happening: emigrants have heated arguments, advising each other to read the history books more carefully. You can imagine it, but it’s better to see,” Mikhail Zheleznikov.

“The camera in Behind Our Eyes is following the tactile sensations: brush to a canvas, face to broken glass, palm to the bark of a tree, light to the wrinkles. The film opens with an epigraph from the apocryphal Gospel of Philip «You will become what you see» and invites us to the worlds where the invisible is more real than what is right before our eyes,” Eugeniia Marchenko, Curator of National Competition.


On September 17 will be the first screening of Experimental Competition of short films In Silico. This year the screenings will be held in Velikan Park grand screen room.

“I never know in advance what currently counts for a relevant experimental film, so each year I try to figure this out for myself anew, and I invite viewers to take part in this annual study. I see the experimental competition as a competition of ideas, so the beauty of implementation does not come first. Time of masterpieces has passed: now is the time of new simplicity, small forms and
cave paintings,” Mikhail Zheleznikov.


Panorama.doc Program will feature Merkel Must Go once again and introduce I See Red People by Bojina Panayotova.

I See Red People is a full-length film, a diary of a Bulgarian woman, whose family emigrated to France when she was 8, after the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989. 20 years later, she returns to her motherland (exactly at the time of civil uprisings for the change of government). There are certain blind spots in her parents’ past that make her uneasy: in the photos of distant communist past, her relatives stand next to suspicious men in business suits and expensive cars,” Yana Telova, film expert.


Nordic Documentary Film Special Program will feature the legendary Perkele-2. Pictures from Finland by Jörn Donner in the Finnish Institute in St. Petersburg aw well a meeting with Mr. Donner in Saint Petersburg State University of Film and Television. This Program also includes Bad Circumstances and Giants and the Morning After. The first part of Perkele is, in many ways, a tribute to the era of new waves, when it was possible to deal ‘a slap in the face of public taste’. Pictures are intentionally anti-aesthetic, shot with a black and white camera in the report genre, and hilarious protest songs play off-camera – the sweetest tango about the Neste corporation, margarine industry and agricultural problems,” Andrei Kartashov, film critic.


Jem Cohen: A Retrospective will feature Counting, one of the main works by Cohen.

Counting consists of 15 chapters of different lengths – from a 20-second vignette to a lengthy travelogue from Pakistan. In this film, traveling is not just the topic, but also a method of work. There’s mostly New York and Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg) in Counting; But Cohen finds commuter suburbs, highways and communal apartments no less interesting than the Kremlin and the Hermitage. This is, so to speak, an anti-Instagram, whose author does not choose the obvious objects for shooting, but carefully looks for unexpected ones,” Andrei Kartashov.

You can find the complete schedule on our website.


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