1. Press accreditation for the XXVth Anniversary International Film Festival "Message to Man" is available now

    ... Information of the International Film Festival special screenings; - Information of the International Film Festival guests. Press Service can also assist in the preparation of individual interviews, surveys, materials on the coming Festival. About “Message ... ... International Film Festival "Message to Man". But only about 100 pictures will be selected. The geography of the Festival, the participants, the competition, which combines documentary, animated and short feature films, features "Message" to other ...


  2. ATTENTION! Rules of entry to the Palace Square on September 23.

    ... Palace Square. Please, read the event attendance policy and see the map. Here’s the plan of the Palace Square for tomorrow. Entrance for the audience will be open only on the side of the Admiralty Passage. Entrance for the special guests, festival participants, organizers and press will be on the side of the Pevchesky Passage. Exit from the square will be allowed only through the arch of the General Staff building. The locations of the stage, first aid stations, and public toilets are marked on the plan. Drinks are not allowed ...


    Rules of entry to the Palace Square
  3. Two spaces of Tatia Sh

    ... Nicolas Ray and his colleagues, the lab has grown into a real underground filmmaking center. Nicolas Ray will be one of the participants of the first Russian conference of media archaeology . The conference will be held September 27 at the New stage ... ... https://newstage.timepad.ru/event/228529/ Address: the New stage of the Alexandrinsky theater / 49 Naberejnaya reki Fontanka press news


  4. The International Film Festival "Message to Man": Over 3,400 films from 83 countries of the world

    ... " Sons ", directed by Olga Maurina, 40 min., 2015 "Ceremony", directed by Elena Laskari, 56 min., 2014 " Tsurtsula ", directed by Alexey Telnov, 54 min., 2014 "Yamaha", directed by Inna Omelchenko, 38 min., 2015 press news


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