1. Two spaces of Tatia Sh

    ... of Tatia Sh (Tatii Shaburishvili), member of the famous Parisian cinema lab L'Abominable. The International Festival "Message to Man" declares the struggle for existence of film in the digital age. August 25, New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theater will ... ... will be screenings of documentary and fiction, experimental and popular films. Admission is free. Pre-registration: https://newstage.timepad.ru/event/228529/ Address: the New stage of the Alexandrinsky theater / 49 Naberejnaya reki Fontanka press ...


  2. bio

    Message to Man” Biography The Background Before “Message to Man”, there existed a documentary section in the program of the Moscow International Film Festival. Soviet cinematographic industry suffered as much as the national industry. The obligatory official information was presented in the form of newsreels before screening any fiction film. “Ideologically approved”, informative or landscape films that exceeded twenty ...


  3. Press accreditation for the XXVth Anniversary International Film Festival "Message to Man" is available now

    ... Union of Cinematographers of Russia, the Federal Fund for Social Support of Russian Cinematography. PRESS SERVICE OF IFF "MESSAGE TO MAN": Praskovya Shishkoedova 007-921-753-752-1 press@message2man.com Ekaterina Gorbacheva 007-911-727-0996 message2m@yandex.ru press news


  4. Grand opening of Message to Man International Film Festival will take place on September 23, 2016

    Grand opening of Message to Man International Film Festival will take place on September 23, 2016. On September 23, the grand opening ceremony of the 26 ... ... src="/upload/medialibrary/87a/87aa6116b6105f5c0d67c4c9b78ca5cd.jpg" alt="shevchuk_sait.jpg" width="598" height="845"> news


    Message to Man
  5. Reelport - the easiest way to submit your film to Message to Man

    To submit, please, follow the link to Reelport website : http://www.reelport.com/index.php?id=674&L=en Message to Man Film Festival news