... campaign” in 2010 and 2011, which ended up as China’s biggest political scandal since 1989. Concealed beneath the veneer of capitalism, aspects of communist totalitarianism persist today, both in economy and ideology. Director, Screenwriter and Editor: Bo Wang Cinematography: Bo Wang, Zhang Simin Contacts: Bo Wang bo.bowang00@gmail.com


  2. XXVII Message To Man Festival Screening Schedule

    ... Argentina, 5 min. 500,000 YEARS, dir. Chai Siris, Thailand, 16 min. AURORA CINEMA CENTRE 60, Nevsky pr 19:30 The Kulturfilm. “From the Southern Mountains to the Northern Seas”: The Early Soviet Expedition Films, 73 min. + LIFE MUSIC THE TUNGUS , editor Elizaveta Svilova, Documentary, USSR, 1927, 12 min. FOREST PEOPLE (THE UDE) , dir. Aleksander Litvinov, Documentary, USSR, 1928, 61 min. The films will be screened with musical accompaniment The duo Percussion De Fou (Vladimir Belov and Anton ...


    2017, schedule, programme, screenings

    Synopsis: Filmmaker and editor Esfir Shub’s debut work, composed entirely of pre-revolutionary newsreels and a number of film documents of the revolutionary events of 1917, was a milestone work of Soviet documentary cinema and can claim to be the first film in the world to ...


  4. Anna Mongayt, television journalist

    Anna Mongayt is a television journalist who has worked for all of the federal television companies — she filmed reports for NTV during its best years, hosted a program on Kultura, worked as the chief editor at VGTRK, and made her mark on Channel One, specializing in art and cinema, but she settled at Rain TV in the years when culture became closely embraced by politics, for it was the only place where she could work without making a deal with her ...



    ... as well as food and income. We join the rabbit hunt on a Sunday morning with seventeenyear-old Chris, who works with his mother, three brothers, and two sisters to put food on the table. Director and Cinematographer: Patrick Bresnan Screenwriter and Editor: Ivete Lucas Producers: Patrick Bresnan, Ivete Lucas Contacts: rabbithunt.film@gmail.com Dora Nedeczky dora.nedeczky@gmail.com