1. Editor: Bill Morrison

  2. TANYA

    Synopsis: She gets on the plane and cries. In a couple of hours her new life will begin, but she doesn’t know how to live it. Director, Editor: Maria Sedyaeva Screewriter: Sabrina Karabaeva Cinematography: Maria Zanevskaya Sound: Alexander Teder Producer: Maria Sedyaeva maybemary.com +79041745621 mashasedyaeva@gmail.com


  3. Message To Man International Film Festival announced the competition program

    The annual international film festival of documentary, short animated and experimental films "Message to Man", which will be held from September 15 to 22, 2017 in St. Petersburg for the 27th time, announced the competition programs. editor #2017 #M2M #FESTIVAL2017 #program



    Synopsis: Airports — the pinnacle of modern society, and places where the limits of borders, security and tolerance are constantly tested. While for some the journey starts, for others it abruptly ends. Director, Editor, Animation and Cinematography: Michaela Müller Producer: Ruedi Schick Schick Productions Zollikerstr. 107 CH-8702 Zürich +41794006260 ruedi.schick@gmail.com info@airportanimation.com


  5. Martin Kaňuch, editor-in-chief

    Martin Kaňuch is an editor at the editorial department of the Slovak Film Institute (SFI) in Bratislava and since 1998 the editor-in-chief of Kino-Ikon, a journal for the sciences of the moving image and cinema. He is a member of the SFI research and editorial board and ...