1. International Conference: “The Creative Documentary: Bringing a Film to the Audience”

    ... leading experts from Scandinavia and Russia including commission editors, producers, film distributors and providers, festival managers, special program curators, and specialized Internet platform operators. Conference organizers: SevZapKino Studio, Message to Man International Film Festival, Artecon Partnership, under the auspices of Russian Documentary Guild (RGDOC), European Documentary Network (EDN), and MIRADOX Internet portal ( miradox.ru ). The conference is also a part of the Creative Grasp International Project supported ...


    International Conference, The Creative Documentary
  2. ATTENTION! Rules of entry to the Palace Square on September 23.

    On September 23 at 7.00 pm the Message to Man opening ceremony will take place at the Palace Square. Please, read the event attendance ... ... be open only on the side of the Admiralty Passage. Entrance for the special guests, festival participants, organizers and press will be on the side of the Pevchesky Passage... ... FROM 6 pm to 7 pm! The ceremony starts at 7 pm. The grand opening ceremony and the film festival president’s speech will be immediately followed by the concert by Yury...


    Rules of entry to the Palace Square
  3. Chinese Ghosts: Contemporary Independent Documentary Cinema from China

    Message To Man Film Festival-2017 presents Contemporary Independent Documentary Cinema from China program. The term “independent cinema” ... ... within the country. And while independent Chinese cinema is a regular fixture in the programmes of the world’s largest film festivals, in China itself laws regulating public screenings are being tightened. After 2011 all festivals that showed unapproved ...