1. To the Cinema by Bicycle! City Bike Parade supported by Message to Man International Film Festival

    ... “Cycling-Recycling” bike parade. On September 24 from 5.30 pm to 9.30 pm, the festival for the lovers of bicycles as ecological transport means will take place in the city. Cycling-Recycling bike parade will start on Saturday at 5.30 pm. The event is organized by Message to Man International Film Festival, “Velosipedization of St.Petersburg”, “Musora.Bolshe.Net” (“No.More.Garbage”) and charity store “Spasibo!” (“Thank you!”). The bike parade will end with the screening of non-fiction film “Tomorrow” about people, who save ...


    bike parade
  2. The entry call is officially closed.

    Dear friends! We want kindly to remind you - the entry call is officially closed. Thank you for all films you send. We will announce the list of finalists very soon. MESSAGE TO MAN festival



    The List of Awards of the 26th Message to Man. International Competition The prize “Centaur” and 1000 USD for the best full-length documentary film ― «Starless Dreams» by Mehrdad Oskouei, 76 min., 2016, Iran. The prize “Centaur” and 1000 USD for the best short ... ... stories II» by Marta Pajek, 15 min., 2016, Poland. The prize “Golden Centaur” Grand Prix and 3000 USD for the best film of Festival ― «Depth Two» by Ognjen Glavonic, 1 h 20 min., 2016, Serbia, France. The special jury prize “for courageous exploration ...


  4. Broadcast

    A live webcast of opening 24 International Film Festival "MESSAGE TO MAN" September 20, the film studio "Lendok" emb. Kryukov Canal, 12 Home – 19 00, the collection of guests – 18 00


  5. The International Film Festival "Message to Man": Over 3,400 films from 83 countries of the world

    Over 3,400 films from 83 countries entered the qualifying round of the Anniversary, the 25th International Film Festival "Message to Man". There are works from Bahrain and Qatar. This year 90 films from 45 countries were selected. The Festival will run from 25 th of September to 3d of October. Detailed program including film screenings, exhibitions, lectures and workshops will ...


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