The Kulturfilm.

Date Time Place

20 September 2017


Aurora Nevsky pr, 60

The Kulturfilm. “From the Southern Mountains tthe Northern Seas” : The Early. Soviet Expedition Films , 80 min. 

THROUGH THE USSURI AREA , dir.Alexander Litvinov, Documentary, USSR, 1928, 63 min. AT THE SHORES OF THE CHUKCHI SEA, dir. Yuri Smirnitsky, Documentary, USSR, 1934, 17min. 

The films will be screened with musical accompaniment. 

"Gurovich on the Moon " is a new project by Dmitry Gurovich, who plays the theremin, a rare and amazing instrument whose sound is extracted from the air with out the musician touching the   instrument .  This theremin is built into a glowing crescent moon. The "lunar" version differs from the original instrument in its transparent and soft sound.