International Symposium “ Pioneers of Soviet Ethnographic Cinema ”

Date Time Place

20 September 2017


Aurora Nevsky pr, 60

International Symposium Pioneers of Soviet Ethnographic Cinema 

The symposium addresses questions of production, reception, and legacy of early Soviet ethnographic films that experimented with devising visual formulae for the abstract categories of tradition , civilization, backwardness and progress. 


Oksana Sarkisova (Hungary) “From ‘lost in the centuries ’ to‘builders of the future’: People of the Northin Early Soviet Expedition Films”

Ivan Golovnev (Russia) “ Ethno-film: Vladimir Arsen’ev andAlexander Litvinov ”

Caroline Damiens (France) “‘Soviet Nanooks ’:Robert Flaherty’ s influence on Soviet expedition cinema”

Barbara Wurm (Germany) “First time in the cinema or to see oneself on the screen: Alexander Litvinov’s. Early Ethnographic Films