Dear Friends! Below is the list of films that have been selected into competitive programs at Message to Man. This year we have received more than 7000 submissions. Unfortunately, we cannot possibly include all the films that we like in our programs, so the selection process was quite difficult, as always. We would like to thank all the filmmakers for sending us their films! And congratulations to our participants!

International Competition

Full-length Documentary Films

5 October by Martin Kollár, 52’, 2016, Slovakia

A Mere Breath by Monica Lazurean-Gorgan, 67’, 2016, Romania

Dead Ears by Linas Mikuta, 42’, Lithuania

Depth Two by Ognjen Glavonic, 80’, 2016, Serbia, France

Dugma – The Button by Paul Refsdal, 58’, 2016, Norway

Mallory by Helena Trestikova, 101’, 2015, Czech Republic

Manor by Pier-Luc Latulippe and Martin Fournier, 70’, 2015, Canada

Starless Dreams by Mehrdad Oskouei, 76’, 2016, Iran, Islamic Republic of

The Contestant by Alberto Diana, 40’, 2016, Italy

Under the Sun by Vitaly Mansky, 106’, 2015, Russia, Latvia, Germany, Czech Republic, North Korea

Short Documentary Films

10 Meter Tower by Axel Danielson and Maximilien van Aertryck, 15’, 2015, Sweden

Bacon & God's Wrath by Sol Friedman, 9’, 2015, Canada

Elegance by Virpi Suutari, 25’, 2015, Finland

I'm Not From Here  by Maite Alberdi and Giedre Zickyte, 26’, 2016, Chile, Denmark, Lithuania

Isabella Morra by Isabel Pagliai, 22’, 2015, France

Notes From Sometimes, Later, Maybe by Roger Gomez and Dani Resines, 12’, 2016, Spain

Scrapbook by Mike Hoolboom, 19’, 2015, Canada

The Diver by Esteban Arrangoiz, 16’, 2016, Mexico

The North («Север») by Igor Elukov, 11’, 2015, Russia

Washed Hands by Louise Botkay, 8’, 2015, Brazil

Waste no.2. Wreck by Jan Ijas, 10’, 2015, Finland

 Short Animated Films

Afternoon Class by Seoro Oh, 4’, 2015, USA, South Korea

Among the black waves («Среди черных волн») by Anna Budanova, 11’, 2016, Russia

Before Love («До любви») by Igor Kovalyov, 19’, 2015, Russia

Broken – The Women’s Prison at Hoheneck by Volker Schlecht and Alexander Lahl, 7’, 2016, Germany

Impossible Figures and Other Stories II by Marta Pajek, 15’, 2016, Poland

Innerviews by Chen Winner, 5’, 2015, Israel

Noise of Licking by Nadja Andrasev, 9’, 2016, Hungary

Piano by Kaspar Jancis, 10’, 2015, Estonia

Remember by Shunsaku Hayashi, 9’, 2015, Japan

Sunday Lunch by Céline Devaux, 14’, 2015, France

Short Fiction Films

A Firefly («Светлячок») by Natalia Nazarova, 20’, 2015, Russia

Gagarine by Fanny Liatard and Jérémy Trouilh, 15’, 2015, France

Fishes by Sarah Schreier, 15’, 2016, Germany

Fragments of Gabi by Jaro Minne, 14’, 2015, Belgium

Her Friend Adam by Ken Petrie, 16’, 2015, Canada

I Saw It by Hae Seong, 21’, 2016, South Korea

Import by Ena Sendijarevic, 17’, 2016, Netherlands

Jacked by Rene Pannevis, 15’, 2015, UK

Like a B1 by Kerloch Yann, 15’, 2015, France, South Korea

Not KO by Xavier Sirven, 20’, 2016, France

Nothing Stranger by Pedro Collantes, 23’, 2015, Netherlands, Spain, China


In Silico Experimental Short Film Competition

489 Years by Hayoun Kwon, 11’, 2016, France

Armenian Papers by Ornella Macchia, 6’, 2015, Belgium

Basso Profondo by Elinor Wyser, 1’, 2014, Switzerland

Blindly by Joanne van der Weg, 2’, 2014, Netherlands

Frankfurter Str. 99a by Evgenia Gostrer, 5’, 2016, Germany

Gnossienn by Jerzy Jaruga, 4’, 2015, Germany

I Was a Winner by Jonas Odell, 14’, 2016, Sweden

If It Was by Laure Prouvost, 8’, 2015, United Kingdom

Imagining Time by Jelena Sinik, 2’, 2015, Australia

Isabella by Duncan Cowles and Ross Hogg, 9’, 2015, UK

Malagueña by Anaïs Ibert, 11’, 2015, France

Mirror by Anna Lytton, 5’, 2016, Germany

Monkey by Shen Jie, 5’, 2015, China

Pelepe Rail by Pelepe, 9’, 2016, Israel

Personne by Christoph Girardet and Matthias Muller, 15’, 2016, Germany

She/Her by Sonja Wyss, 11’, 2016, Netherlands

Split by Okku Nuutilainen, 3’, 2016, Finland

Steve Hates Fish by John Smith, 5’, 2015, UK

Test by Oren Gerner, 6’, 2015, Israel

The Postmodern Pioneer Plaque byBoris Kozlov, 4’, 2016, Spain

The Sadness Will Not Last Forever by Alexei Dmitriev, 8’, 2016, Russia, Netherlands

There is No War to My Sky No Hell to My Land by Coquelicot Mafille and Vespertine Henne, 6’, 2016, Italy

Urbanimatio by Hardi Volmer and Urmas Jõemees, 8’, 2016, Estonia

When You Awake by Jay Rosenblatt, 12’, 2016, USA

Woman Without Mandolin by Fabiano Mixo, 5’, 2015, Germany

Yesterday's Record by Michal Soja, 5’, 2015, Poland

Zebra by Ülo Pikkov, 6’, 2015, Estonia

National Competition of Documentary Films

All Roads Lead to Afrin («Все дороги ведут в Африн») by Arina Adju, 34’, 2016, Russia

Bonfires and Stars («Костры и звезды») by Sasha Voronov, 57’, 2015, Russia

Fire («Огонь») by Nadya Zakharova, 60’, 2016, Russia

Gatherers of Sea Grass («Собиратели морской травы») by Maria Murashova, 70’, 2016, Russia

Kolya («Коля») by Elena Mikhailova, 8’, 2016, Russia

Lightning Ridge: The Land of Black Opals («Лайтнинг Ридж – земля черных опалов») by Alena Lodkina, 20’, 2016, Australia, Russia

Music Lessons («Уроки музыки») by Irina Buzina, 45’, 2016, Russia

My Friend Boris Nemtsov («Мой друг Борис Немцов») by Zosia Radkevich, 71’, 2015, Estonia, Russia

Natasha («Наташа») by Olga Horoshavina, 30’, 2016, Russia

Not My Job («Чужая работа») by Denis Shabaev, 70’, 2015, Russia

Priozersk («Приозерск») by Timofei Usikov, 40’, 2016, Russia

Reserved Seat («Плацкарта») by Felix Yacubson, 53’, 2016, Russia

Salamanca («Саламанка») by Aleksandra Kulak and Ruslan Fedotow, 41’, 2015, Russia

Soon on Channel First («Скоро на Первом») by Noza Abdulvasieva and Anastasia Sergeeva, 23’, 2016, Russia

The Day Before Today («Вчерашний день») by Mikhail Bushkov, 30’, 2015, Russia

Two Childhoods («Два детства») by Vladimir Golovnev, 26’, 2015, Russia