ATTENTION! Rules of entry to the Palace Square on September 23.

On September 23 at 7.00 pm the Message to Man opening ceremony will take place at the Palace Square. Please, read the event attendance policy and see the map.

Here’s the plan of the Palace Square for tomorrow.

Entrance for the audience will be open only on the side of the Admiralty Passage.

Entrance for the special guests, festival participants, organizers and press will be on the side of the Pevchesky Passage.

Exit from the square will be allowed only through the arch of the General Staff building.

The locations of the stage, first aid stations, and public toilets are marked on the plan. Drinks are not allowed to be taken through the entry points.

PLEASE, ARRIVE FROM 6 pm to 7 pm!

The ceremony starts at 7 pm. The grand opening ceremony and the film festival president’s speech will be immediately followed by the concert by Yury Shevchuk and DDT. Then, Werner Herzog will introduce his film “Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World”.

Dress warmly! The event will take place in the open air.

План_дворцовой_Послание_к_человеку_3-01 copy.jpg

Date of publication: 22 September 2016
Tags: Rules of entry to the Palace Square