To the Cinema by Bicycle! City Bike Parade supported by Message to Man International Film Festival

On September 24 the citizens and guests of St.Petersburg will be able to take part in the “Cycling-Recycling” bike parade.

On September 24 from 5.30 pm to 9.30 pm, the festival for the lovers of bicycles as ecological transport means will take place in the city.

Cycling-Recycling bike parade will start on Saturday at 5.30 pm. The event is organized by Message to Man International Film Festival, “Velosipedization of St.Petersburg”, “Musora.Bolshe.Net” (“No.More.Garbage”) and charity store “Spasibo!” (“Thank you!”). The bike parade will end with the screening of non-fiction film “Tomorrow” about people, who save the planet from ecological catastrophe.

The current bike parade theme is ecological problems, namely, thoughtless attitude of people towards garbage and recycling. The bike parade starts at 5.30 pm on the Krestovsky Island, from where it proceeds to the Kamenny Island with a short tour around one of the greenest part of the city. We will ride along the quite streets with two stops on the way. At each of the stops the participants will see installations by artist Vilgeny Melnikov (OfelyArt) created from old and shabby clothes provided by “Spasibo!” store. The finish is in Alexandrovsky park, 4.

The bike parade will continue at Velikan Cinema Hall, where at 7.15 pm a special screening of “Tomorrow” film will take place. The film tells about a trip to ten different countries with the goal to understand the reasons of the humanity’s future extinction and the ways of preventing this catastrophe. During their trip, the protagonists meet many wonderful people, who show them possible pictures of tomorrow’s world.

The number of places is limited. Please, register here.

At the start point every participant can hand in old batteries for further recycling.

The route: Krestovsky Ostrov Metro station → 4/3 Alexandrovsky park, Velikan Cinema Hall.

17.30 – Gathering of the participants.

18.00 – Bike Parade Start.

19.00 – Bike Parade Finish at 4/3 Alexandrovsky park (Velikan Cinema Hall).

19.15 – Film screening begins at Velikan Cinema Hall.

Date of publication: 14 September 2016
Tags: bike parade