The International Film Festival "Message to Man": Over 3,400 films from 83 countries of the world

Over 3,400 films from 83 countries entered the qualifying round of the Anniversary, the 25th International Film Festival "Message to Man". There are works from Bahrain and Qatar. This year 90 films from 45 countries were selected. The Festival will run from 25th of September to 3d of October. Detailed program including film screenings, exhibitions, lectures and workshops will be published in early September on the official website message2man.com

International Competition will present 43 pictures from 25 countries: 10 feature films and 12 documentary short  films, 11 short films and 10 animated films. The largest number of applications came from France, Poland, Germany and the USA. Also directors from Bahrain, Qatar, Morocco, Taiwan, Singapore, Africa and South America sent their works. There were many interesting applications from Russia and post-Soviet countries. Due to the availability of the video there are more and more films that were created over many years (sometimes even decades) that gives viewers a unique opportunity to see your whole life passing before their eyes. At the same time nostalgic interest in old formats such as VHS and 16mm is increasing both the filmmakers and the audience.

For National Competitionof Documentary Films were selected 22 films, 11 of them are debuts. There is one picture of co-production: "Swim" (Russia – Hungary – Germany). Russian regional film studios are reviving: the Competition includes films not only from the two capitals, but also from Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Kazan and other cities.

Competition of Experimental FilmsIn Silico, which this year also celebrates its 5th anniversary, will present 25 films from 19 countries. At this section there will be three showtimes of original and unexpected copyright short films, most of which will be shown in Russia for the first time.


Feature-length documentaries

" Censored Voices", directed by Mor Loushy, 84 min., 2015, Israel, Germany
"Call me Marianna",  directed by Karolina Bielawska, 75 min., 2015, Poland
" Sam Klemke''s Time Machine ", directed by  Mattew Bate, 90 min., 2014, Australia
"Above and Below", directed by Nicolas Steiner, 120 min., 2015, Switzerland, Germany
" See No Evil", directed by Jos de Putter, 72 min., 2014, Netherlands, Belgium
" The Other Side ", directed by Roberto Minervin, 92 min., 2015, Italy
" Free bullet ", directed by Paulina Pisarek, 50 min., 2015, France
" A Hightech Soap Opera", directed by Daniel Sivan, 82 min., 2015, Israel, USA
"Strange Particles", directed by Denis Klebleyev, 51 min., 2014, Russia
"Those Who Feel the Fire Burning", directed by Morgan Knibbe, 74 min., 2014, Netherlands

Short documentaries

"Chicken pox", directed by Viktor Kosakovsky, 26 min., 2015, Russia
"Going Home", directed by Jayesh Akhargekar, 13 min., 2014, India
"Hotel 22", directed by Elizabeth Lo, 8 min, 2014, USA
"Owami - I am... ", directed by Diana Menestrey, 28 min., 2014, Germany
"Blood Brothers", directed by Marco Espírito Santo, Miguel Coimbra, 6 min., 2014, Portugal
"If Mama Ain't Happy, Nobody's Happy", directed by Mea de Jong, 25 min., 2014, Netherlands
"On the Side", directed by Filipa Reis, João Miller Guerra, 35 min., 2015, Portugal
"The Shepherd's Song", directed by Vahram Mkhitaryan, 30 min., 2014, Poland
"Underground", directed by Maxime Bultot, 15 min., 2015, Belgium, China
"Keeping Balance" , directed by Bernhard Wenger, 5 min., 2015, Austria
"Norma's Colours", directed by Florence Kennard, 13 min, 2014, UK
"Black Cloud", directed by Basil da Cunha, 19 min., 2014, Switzerland

Short feature films

"S", directed by Richárd Hajdú, 20 min., 2015, UK
"Art", directed by Adrian Sitaru, 19 min., 2014, Romania
"Return Erkin", directed by Maria, Guskova, 28 min., 2015, Russia
"Kamakshi", directed by Satindar Singh Bedi, 25 min., 2015, India
"The Lemon Syndrome", directed by Jeremy Rosenstein, Kaspar Schiltknecht, 21 min., 2014, Switzerland
"Fire", directed by Arun Mali, 14 min., 2014, France
"The Jacket", directed by Patrick Vollrath, 9 min., 2014, Austria
"The Man with a Dog" , directed by Kamal Lazraq, 25 min., 2014, Morocco
"Pick-Up" , directed by Saleh Nass, 10 min., 2015, Bahrain
"After the Rave", directed by Kamilė Milašiūtė, 20 min., 2014, Lithuania
"Hide & Seek", directed by Kimie Tanaka, 22 min., 2015, France, Japan, Singapore


"The Weltgeist and Me", directed by Joe Bichard, 10 min., 2015, UK
"Always Tired", directed by Jochen Kuhn, 6 min., 2014, Germany
"A Blue Room, directed by Tomasz Siwiński, 15 min., 2014, France, Poland
"Home", directed by Agnieszka Borowa, 14 min., 2014, Poland
"We Can't Live Without Cosmos", directed by Konstantin Bronzit, 15 min., 2015, Russia
"Leftover" , directed by Sarolta Szabo, 15 min., 2014, France
"The Vast Landscape - Porcelain Stories", directed by Lea Vidakovic, 11 min., 2014, Croatia
"A Portrait", directed by Aristotelis Maragkos, 2 min., 2014, Greece
"Warm Snow", directed Ira Elshansky, 5 min., 2015, Israel
"Man on the Chair" , directed by Dahee Jeong, 7 min., 2014, France, South Korea

Competition of Experimental FilmsIn Silico

"3/105", directed by Avelina Prat, 6 min., 2014, Spain
"Ah Ah Ah", directed by Youngmee Roh, 14 min., 2015, South Korea
"A Long Way From Home" , directed by Jay Rosenblatt, 3 min., 2015, USA
" Loop", directed by Pablo Lobato, 7 min., 2014, Brazil
"Over", d irected by Jorn Threlfall, 14 min., 2015, UK
"The Tallest", directed by Rebecca Ann Tess, 14 min., 2014, Germany
"Two Clothespins in an Envelope", directed by Susanna Wallin, 14 min., 2015, USA, UK
"Jeu de Paume", directed by Joshua Mosley, 3 min, 2014, USA
"The Art of Flying", directed by Jan van IJken, 7 min., 2015, Netherlands
"One Minute Art History", directed by Cao Shu, 2 min., 2014, China
"Mirror in Mind", directed by SeungHee Kim, 2 min., 2015, South Korea
"In the World of the Kanaval" , directed by Kaveh Nabatian, 8 min., 2014, Canada
"Supporting Film", directed by Douwe Dijkstra, 12 min., 2014, Netherlands
"Cemetery 35", directed by Jose Cabrera Betancort, 5 min., 2014, Romania
"Crimea is ours", directed by Vasily Sigarev, 15 min., 2014, Russia
"Object", directed by Paulina Skibinska, 15 min., 2014, Poland
"Special Features", directed by James N. Kienitz Wilkins, 12 min, 2014, USA
"The reflection of Power", directed Milhail Grecu, 9 min., 2015, France
"Luxuriate", directed by Alison Davis, 4 min., 2014, Canada
"Haunted Hỏa Lò", directed by Ryan White, 10 min, 2014, USA
"Missing", directed by Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, 5 min., 2014, Tanzania, Uganda, USA
"Outside", directed by Tracy Pitts, 14 min, 2014, USA
"Killer? ", directed by David White, 9 min., 2015, New Zealand
"Figure", directed by Katarzyna Gondek, 9 min., 2015, Poland
"Sugarless Tea", directed by Sai Selvarjan, 5 min., 2015, USA

National Competition of Documentary Films

"Brothers", directed by Alexandra Senchukova, 31 min., 2014

"Everyday Life of an Usual Peasant", directed by Ekaterina Dorofeeva, 26 min., 2014
"Together", directed by Denis Shabaev, 52 min., 2014
"The Land Where Mammoths Slumber", directed by Eva Belova, 72 min., 2015
"Grumant. Island of Communism", directed by Ivan Tverdovsky, 54 min., 2014
"Maria’s Homedirected by Alexey Lagerev., 39 min., 2014
"In Search of Happiness," directed by Dmitry Sidorov, Svetlana Demidova, 70 min., 2015
"Swimmers", directed by Kristina Paustian, 77 min., 2015
"The Сountryman", directed by Anastasia Zverkova, 15 min., 2015
"Locals", directed by Pavel Mirzoev, 52 min., 2014
"Kamchatka - the Cure for Hatred", directed by Yuliya Mironov, 45 min., 2014
" Who Can Be Happy and Free?” directed by Lyubov Matyunina, 16 min., 2014
" OK Good ", directed by Alexandra Kulak, Yuliya Kurmangalina, Anna Kornienko, 21 min., 2015
"On the Edge", directed by Anna Shishova, 50 min., 2014
“Edges of Memory” by Anton Moiseenko, 35 min., 2015

" Siberian Floating Hospital ", directed by Tatiana Soboleva, 93 min., 2015
" Way to Charon ", directed by Yury Manusov, 10 min., 2015
"The Conversation", directed by Anastasia Novikova, 22 min., 2015
" Rebalda ", directed by Elena Otrepieva, 33 min., 2014
" Sons ", directed by Olga Maurina, 40 min., 2015
"Ceremony", directed by Elena Laskari, 56 min., 2014
" Tsurtsula ", directed by Alexey Telnov, 54 min., 2014
"Yamaha", directed by Inna Omelchenko, 38 min., 2015

Date of publication: 28 August 2015
Author: press
Tags: news, participant